Rylee Barnsdale

Program Director

Hi folks! My name is Rylee Barnsdale, and I am a fourth year Media Studies and Journalism student here at EMU. I am the production manager here at Eagle Radio, as well as the producer for the Eastern Echo podcast, available on almost every major podcast source, publishing a campus news brief every Monday and special editions on Thursdays. I also write for the Eastern Echo's opinions section, but my specialty is in audio production and editing. I've worked as a news intern for WEMU writing news scripts and editing audio for afternoon anchor Lisa Barry, and also am available to do freelance audio editing for any local podcasters looking for a producer. If audio isn't your thing, I'm also (sort of) a freelance photographer! My ultimate goal is to write, photograph, record, produce and publish stories of everyday people, interesting people, anyone really, to ensure that every story withstands the tests of time. Happy listening, and when you aren't listening to Eagle Radio, subscribe to the Eastern Echo podcast!

Joseph Flaherty

Air Staff & News

Hello I am Joe Flaherty. I am a EMFS Major at Eastern Michigan University. I am from Almont, Michigan, and Eastern Michigan is the second university that I have attended. I have worked at Saint Joseph's College Radio Station, 93.3 the Joe, as a host. I have worked as a sports commentator for Saint Joseph's College Football games. I have worked for both Saint Joseph's College newspaper as well as Eastern Michigan's newspaper as a film reviewer and as a sports writer. I am an avid filmmaker, analyzer and reviewer, having worked on several podcasts and blogs.

Keaten Franklin

Air Staff & Music Director

My name is Keaten. I'm studying philosophy and film. I'm thankful to learn and be living. My aim is to learn more about myself and the world around me each day. I appreciate movies, music, and other arts as a means of communication. I host a podcast where I chat with various filmmakers, musicians, and philosophy professors. I hope to share different perspectives on thinking while sharing moving work. I'm really grateful to experience.

Jordan Gillenwater

AirStaff & News

Hello I am Jordan Gillenwater. I am a senior at Eastern Michigan University and I am majoring in Digital Media with a minor in journalism. I want to entertain the masses so that they will remember my name. I go by the hashtag #youwillknowmesomeday. My main goal is being a sports broadcaster/analyst.

Micah Jennings

Air Staff & Production

This is Micah from EMU but you can call me Mickey. Iím here to bring you the songs from the past decades, that have molded society and also became a voice for those who never could be heard in a room. Just cause you got doesnít you always see and just because you have ears doesnít mean everything should be heard. So buckle up and turn up your speakers itís time for the jukebox sounds of the decade sponsored by by SMartin Productions, for always paying the bills now letís get groovy!

Derrick Levi-Shorter

Music & Traffic

Prynsess Partridge

PR & Production

My name is Prynsess Partridge and I'm an Electronic Media and Film major and Journalism minor. I'm from Pontiac, MI and transferred to Eastern from Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. I love watching different genres of film and television as much as I love to read and write. I am excited to be a part of Eagle Radio and expanding my knowledge in the media field. I have previous experience with The Detroit Zoological Society for PR and Communications as well as my organization on campus Black Media Association.

Brennan Robertson

Air Staff & Music

Hello, my named is Brennan Robertson and I am allegedly a human from the planet Earth. I'm a junior here at EMU and am currently pursuing my degree in digital media production. Through that I hope to acquire the tools needed to be at the helm of my own creative endeavors. Here at Eagle Radio I feel obligated to bring you, the listener, a worth while musical selection and conversations worth the sake of conversation. Come tune in if you wanna tune the rest out.

Samuel Sabo

News & Traffic

Hi! I'm Samuel, but most people call me Sam. I am a 4th year student here at Eastern Michigan University. I have been in pursuit of an Electronic Media and Film Production degree for my entire collegiate education while at EMU, and I am planning to graduate at the end of this semester! This is my first time doing Eagle Radio, but I am excited and ambitious and hope to learn a lot about the work that goes into maintaining a radio station.

Tyler Sabo

News & Air Staff Director

TJ is a Toledo native who graduated from Specs Howard in 2017, worked for WPOS-FM in Toledo as a Sports Intern, then went to work in television in Toledo. In 2019, TJ moved to Indianapolis to work for FOX 59 and CBS 4, until deciding to move closer to home around Christmas time to study Education at EMU. TJ grew up loving radio and television, collecting hundreds of radio station bumper stickers and learning about broadcast history wherever he went. TJ is pursuing a minor in Electronic Media and Film.

Alicia Schmidt

Air Staff & PR

Hello radio listeners! My name is Alicia Schmidt, I am a 4thyear student at Eastern Michigan University. I will soon have a degree in Media Studies Journalism with minors in both Marketing and Communication. After I graduate, I would love to pursue a career in broadcasting. As for now, I am working on building up experiences in the media world that will help me in the future. When I'm not at the station I enjoy being active, going to sporting events, and just hanging out. I'm happy to be part of the team! Enjoy listening!

Colin Northrup


Hi. Iím Colin Northrup and this is my second semester working at Eagle Radio. I am a third-year communications major who worked at Washtenaw Community Collegeís Orchard Radio from 2016 to 2017. Iíve been announcing Dexter High School sports doing baseball from 2011 to 2018 and Varsity home football games from 2012 to 2016. Iíve been announcing Dexter girlsí basketball since 2013. I also enjoy doingplay-by-play for the Simulation Football League with my dad as my color guy since 2017. When not working at Eagle Radio or doing my announcing gigs, I spend time with my family, our cat Kellie and my service dog, Denver. My goal is to land a broadcasting job with either a college or professional baseball or football team. For now, Iím applying my craft and making people happy with music.