William Baker

Communications & Electronic Media & Film Study

My name is William Baker, Iím a Digital Media Production Major but also a stand-up comedian. Iím from Detroit, Michigan 313. I have experience in broadcasting. I completed first semester of ESPN 3, Currently the videographer at NJCAA Division 2 Wayne County Community College District Athlete Department for the Men/Womenís Basketball Team. My hobbies are Stand Up Comedy, Basketball, Muay Thai/Combat Sports, Video Production and spending time with my bulldog Chunks. Iím graduating this Fall semester so Iím looking forward to get out of here.

Larry Baker

Entertainment Design and Technology

Hey guys my name is Larry Barker, and I have never been more excited to be a part of the Eagle Radio team! I am a fifth-year student here at Eastern Michigan University, studying Electronic Media and Film Studies, Theatre Arts and Communication. In my free time I enjoy watching quality television and movies, from American classics to the newest Japanese anime series. I also like to veg out and play some video games. But when Iím not doing any of that, you would probably find me jogging around campus getting my cardio on. Canít wait to take your calls!

Rylee Barnsdale

Digital Media & Journalism

Rylee Barnsdale is a fourth year student majoring in Media Studies and Journalism. They are the podcast producer for The Eastern Echo's two podcasts. They have hopes of being an audio engineer for news radio as well as being a freelance news photographer and blogger. They love working with audio, putting interview guests at ease by taking out all of their "ums" and "ahs" and, in the words of several guests, "making them sound smart." They love to listen to others' stories, and to write them down or record them for as many people to enjoy as possible.

Madelynne Brown

Maddy B. Is an entertainment Design & Technology major at EMU. With a diverse taste in music. she spins indie, electronic, Hip hop, and R&B, and her main music. Heavy influences overt pop culture and theater is a strong influence over her radio productions. She is here and pyched to be working on Eagle Radio.

Richard Chrzanowski


My name is Richard Chrzanowski and I am a senior here at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Written Communications with a minor in digital media. I plan to work in public relations and social media once I graduate. I am a cat dad to a furry friend named Rajah who is about to turn two. I love radio and listening to radio shows and podcasts. Mojo in The Morning happens to be a personal favorite of mine. It is said that I can be loud and very opinionated and hope to bring my huge personality to eagle radio this fall. I canít wait for the work to start, and to spread the word about our awesome radio station.

Curtis Dinwiddie

Digital Media Production

Hey I'm Curtis Dinwiddie, a junior at EMU majoring in Digital Media Production while minoring in Journalism. I'm from Detroit, MI and I help secure multiple concert venues. My musical tastes range in hip hop, pop, alternative, 80's and 90's era. So you can expect plenty variety of today's top hits and emerging artists. Main hobbies include music discovery, sports-entertainment (combat) and exercise. Arts/Entertainment or Pop Culture is my main focus in all media which should steer towards an audio tech.or journalist career.

Alicia Hartman

Music Department

Hi, my name is Alicia. I am currently a senior here at EMU, majoring in Digital Media, and minoring in Theatre Arts. I have an interest in pursuing a career in audio engineering once I finish school. My interests involve music (any genre), photography, videography, painting, and hiking. I am very excited to work in the music and news departments here at Eagle Radio. Thanks for tuning in!

Joshua Jamssens

Iím Joshua Jamssens and I will be a part of the PR and On-Air staff at Eagle Radio. Iím really looking forward to the experience of running my own radio station and I hope I can help deliver the type of content that EMU student will actually want to hear. Iíve got a lot of cool ideas to make the station appeal to more modern interests and I look forward to hearing feedback from everyone on how we can improve.

Tyler Keagy

Tyler Keagy is a Michigan native and has lived in Woodhaven, Michigan for 10+ years. He is a senior at Eastern Michigan University and is currently working at Texas De Brazil in Detroit. Heís always been fascinated by music; notably hip-hop. Growing up, his musical influence include Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z. While he still listens to them today, he primarily listens to artists such as Danny Brown, PlayboiCarti, Young Thug, Future, Lil Keed, Action Bronson and Travis Scott.

Damian Oliver

Hello Eagle Radio Listeners, My name is Damian Oliver and I will be one of the people responsible for contributing to making Eagle Radio become an even bigger success by using my voice. I have always wanted to have a shot at Radio because I want to be able to challenge myself to the next level. It also helps that I am majoring in Electronic Media and Film Studies. I also hope this will prepare me for when I try to find a job that aligns with my interest for pop culture and media. Overall, this will be a great learning experience for me.

Julia Selig

I am Julia (Hoolia) a Communication senior minoring in Electronic Media. Recently fell in love with podcasts and I am looking for recommendations!

Kenneth Simpson

Media Studies & Journalism

Hi my name is Ken Simpson, I'm a digital media major going into junior at Eastern Michigan University. I'm working as the music director and news staff here at the station providing the best songs to jam out and keeping listeners informed on this amazing radio station. I'm a huge fun of movies, comics, Crossfit and video games.

Zackery VanNieuwenhze

Media Studies & Journalism

Zack is a senior here at Eastern Michigan, majoring in communication. He is a sports enthusiast and loves supporting EMU athletics. He is a contributor for SB Nationís Hustlebelt blog and collects sports memorabilia. In his free time he enjoys camping, attending Faster Horses, spending Saturdayís with his boys, watching and attending sporting events.